PartnershipProjects NVR Parent Groups (Hybrid Model): 2 day module

The training module which teaches the delivery of parent groups based on the hybrid model is open to any practitioner who has completed Foundation Level training with PartnershipProjects or an equivalent qualifying training at NVR UK Level I. These days will focus on how participants can deliver an effective 14-week parent group programme which is integrated with single family sessions.

Participants will learn to apply the principles of NVR parent coaching in a group work setting, use the group environment to improve parents’ confidence, and utilize group processes to help build parents’ competency in resisting any harmful child behaviour long after the group work has ceased. In this way, practitioners use the group process to equip families for ‘setbacks’ and reduce rates of re-referral.

By the end of the training, participants will have learned how to implement the Parent Group/Hybrid Model in such a way that they maximize their learning and best outcomes are achieved.

This training module is only available via Agency Based Training, If you are interested in booking please Get In Touch for full details.