A Unique LIVE Lecture with Haim Omer: New Directions in Non Violent Resistance (NVR)


Tuesday 1st February 2022

Start: 11am (GMT)

LIVE Lecture approx 60 minutes, followed by a short break and then a further 30 minutes LIVE Q&A


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Available FREE with any booking of Omer’s Introductory Masterclass Seriesask for details. 



In partnership with Haim Omer:


A Unique LIVE Lecture with Haim Omer: New Directions in Non Violent Resistance (NVR)

Haim Omer will be giving a one-off, completely LIVE lecture on the new developments in Non Violent Resistance during the last decade. Followed by an extra 30 minutes LIVE Q & A. 

Originally developed for helping parents cope with children with “externalising” behaviour disorders (e.g., conduct disorders, delinquence and pronounced risk behaviours), NVR has expanded in many directions, such as:

  • Interventions for anxiety disorders, OCD, autism and PTSD
  • A focused NVR application for children with ADHD
  • NVR for dysfunctional “adult-children” with entrenched dependence on their parents
  • NVR techniques as a basis for a positive and legitimate kind of authority (i.e., “The New Authority”)
  • Helping young parents deal with parental burnout
  • Using NVR in schools, nurseries, institutions and whole communities
  • Training of police officers for reducing violence and escalation
  • NVR for eating disorders
  • Helping parents of young drivers reduce driving risk
  • Simple NVR interventions for computer and smartphone abuse. 

Each of these new applications has been backed by either rigorous qualitative or controlled quantitative research.  Haim will review the most important studies and their implications for practitioners.

In this lecture Haim won’t simply be making a big list of different applications, but will stress the common elements that turn NVR into a “transdiagnostic approach”.  For this reason, being trained as an NVR practitioner will enable you not only to develop a specialised therapeutic niche, but make you a more effective therapist and counsellor in what area you happen to work (or practice).

Who is this for?

Whilst this webinar is aimed at professionals, it is NOT a substitute for professional training. It is however a useful precursor to our NVR Certificate Training.  It is primarily aimed at practitioners in CAMHS, mental health, social care, education, youth justice and the independent sector.

The workshop is made available LIVE via Zoom Webinar

Omer’s presentation includes innumerable tips and examples which can improve your ability to help parents and other caregivers.

This is a great opportunity to join a LIVE webinar for NVR information, advice and support from the originator of NVR himself. Find out more about Haim below…

This event is a short one-off LIVE webinar with the originator of NVR himself – if this stimulates your interest and you are interested in finding out more about Non Violent Resistance, or enhancing the learning you already have, then we have a number of follow up options:

This Webinar is available FREE with any booking of Haim’s Introductory Masterclass Series below:

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About Haim Omer

Haim Omer is the founder of NVR (Non Violent Resistance), as an approach for parents, schools and communites. He is emeritus professor at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel-Aviv University. His parents survived the Holocaust and emigrated to Brazil, where Haim was born in 1949. He has lived in Israel since 1967.

He is the author of eleven books (translated into 12 languages) and over eighty academic articles. His best known books are:

  • Omer, H. (2021). Non-violent resistance: A new approach to violent and self-destructive children. 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press.
  • The new authority: Family, school and community (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
  • Parental vigilant care: A guide for clinicians and caretakers (Routledge, 2017)
  • The psychology of demonization (with Nahi Alon, Lawrence Erlbaum 2006 – the book was graced with a preface by his holiness, the Dalai Lama)
  • Treating child and adolescent anxiety: A guide for caregivers (with Eli Lebowitz, Wiley, 2013).

See Omer’s full range of books available via Amazon.co.uk

He has developed the model of Non Violent Resistance and The New Authority in its application to families, schools and communities. The model aims at strengthening parents and teachers by strictly non-violent and non-escalating means. He has published many studies on the method and its application with e.g. parents of children showing externalising behaviours, criminal and anti-social behaviour, severe anxiety, young drivers, violence against siblings, prevention of computer and smart phone misuse, child-to-parent violence, and school refusal.

There have been six international conferences devoted to the method (Greenwich, Antwerp, Munich, Malmo, Tel-Aviv and Linz, Austria).

Haim is married and has five children. He dedicated one of his books to “my five children, who taught me all I know about parental helplessness”.

Find out more about Haim Omer on his website.