6th March 2017 (2–5pm)
9th September 2017 (2–5pm)

Advanced NVR Practitioner

Anglo Study Centre
Monticello House
45 Russell Square
London WC1B 4JP
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Introductory training

£25 + VAT

Introduction to NVR (half day)

Developed by Haim Omer and his team, Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a new, innovative approach to dealing with aggressive, harmful and self-destructive behaviour. Deriving its methods from the principles of raising parental presence, de-escalation and reconciliation, NVR promotes constructive resistance to harmful behaviour, while seeking to support adults in reconnecting with their child and developing a non-punitive yet strong parental position.

By supporting adults to act in reconciliatory ways towards the young person, whilst at the same time helping them to develop an effective network of adult supporters, NVR is a relational approach, which combines well with systemic and attachment-orientated perspectives. By working with and through the adults, we can help young people overcome serious behavioural problems, even and especially when they themselves do not cooperate in the therapeutic process.

This brief workshop will give an insight into the underlying principles and philosophy of NVR, and introduce some of its core methods. It will also illustrate the specific child-focussed and trauma-focussed ways of working with NVR that have been developed by Peter Jakob in the UK. Participants will receive information on the rapidly growing evidence base for NVR, and the many new applications of the approach, such as working with looked-after children, avoidant anxiety-related problems, entitled dependency, severe and enduring mental health problems in young adults, and domestic violence.

Practical case examples and a nonviolence-based experiential exercise will bring the approach to life.