Masterclass ‘Imaginary Processes in NVR Therapy’. Amsterdam – 18th & 19th March 2019

Dates & Cost

18-19 March 2019


Peter Jakob, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Systemic Family Therapist
Director PartnershipProjects.

Willem Beckers, Systemic Psychotherapist.


Loetje aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam

This masterclass will be presented in English. A basic understanding of NVR is required to participate.

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Masterclass ‘Imaginary Processes in NVR Therapy’

Amsterdam, 18th & 19th March 2019

Parents with children that show severe aggressive, anxious and dismissive behaviour can feel that their efforts are met with a chronic absence of reciprocity. In addition, feelings of shame and isolation add to the complexity of their situation. These parents tend to get stuck in a state of detachment, estranged from the experience of ‘mattering’ in the lives of their children and their adult environment. As therapists and counsellors, dealing with so few positive interactions, we tend to get swallowed into a similar experience of frustration and hopelessness.

During these two practise-based days, you will be invited into co-authoring new narratives of preferred futures with parents, by using a variety of methods to stimulate imaginary processes and creative conversations. These new and significant interventions help parents overcome erasure in the Non Violent Resistance process and offer a much more hopeful trajectory.

“How can we stimulate more constructive relational expectations?

How can these experiences become precedents for building one sided action that actually supports change?

Why does imagination matter?”

Building on their own unique and shared therapeutic approaches, Peter Jakob and Willem Beckers aim to expand freedom of movement for you and the families you are working with.

As a bonus, Marie Luise Shreiter will do a short presentation on recent neuroscientific theories that may underlie the effectiveness of imaginary methods in clinical practice. She is a clinical psychologist and doctoral researcher at the University of Dresden. She is trained in Non Violent Resistance and is currently writing an article together with Peter Jakob and Willem Beckers.

Dr. Peter Jakob is a consultant clinical psychologist, systemic family therapist and Director of PartnershipProjects UK. He has introduced Non Violent Resistance to the UK and is known as a prolific international presenter.

Willem Beckers is a systemic psychotherapist and staff member at Interactie-Academie and an associate trainer for PartnershipProjects UK. He also works as a systemic psychotherapist at a practice for child psychiatry and family therapy.

Dates, Cost and Location

18th & 19th March 2019

Amsterdam, Loetje aan ‘t IJ
A real eyecatcher, located at the top of the Amsterdam Marina port building in Amsterdam North, with a superb view on the harbour and the river.

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This masterclass will be presented in English. A basic understanding of NVR is required to participate. We welcome all therapists and other professionals who work with parents that face adversity in bringing up children in a wide range of contexts, such as child or young adult mental health, youth care, foster care or residential treatment.