NVR in the treatment of symptoms of child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence


9th to 11th June 2020


3 day workshop
£397.50 + VAT = £477

**Price includes full catering**


Elm Grove Conference Centre
Roehampton Lane
SW15 5PH
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9am for 9.30am start.
4.30pm finish.
1 hour lunch break


Dr Peter Jakob

Dr Peter Jakob

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Systemic Family Therapist
Director PartnershipProjects

Rachael Alymer

Rachael Aylmer

Accredited NVR Practitioner, Specialist Parenting Practitioner
Associate Director PartnershipProjects.


Kerry Shoesmith

Director of Care and Training for Anderida Adolescent Care Residential Service

Erica Castle

Operations Director of Anderida Adolescent Care Residential Service


NVR in the treatment of symptoms of child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence

A three-day workshop with Peter Jakob, Kerry Shoesmith, Erica Castle and Rachael Aylmer

We are pleased to offer this new CPD event in the application of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) to this complex problem area.

Fraught relationships with parents and lack of trust in potentially protective and supportive
caregivers can increase the risk of sexual abuse or exploitation to children and adolescents.
Young people who run away, act dismissively, or show aggression are often seen as ‘putting
themselves at risk’, whilst earlier sexual abuse has actually had a severely isolating effect,
leaving them feeling insecure, emotionally and physically uncontained.

When sexual abuse is denied, young people often experience the abuse as ongoing, as
denial is part of the overall pattern of offending behaviour: ‘it is not over’. As a result, the
young person may remain vulnerable to further exploitation.

A community of caregivers and their supporters may at times resist the self-destructive
behaviours of a young person, such as engaging with predatory people or running away. At
other points in the process, they may become a strong support network helping the survivor
themselves take action against predatory behaviour or continued denial of responsibility by
those who have abused them in the past.

In this CPD event, four of the most experienced practitioners of NVR will enable you to
explore the application of NVR principles and methods in working with child sexual abuse
and exploitation. You will learn how to use the presence-raising and connective methods in
NVR and build a supportive community that takes action. To paraphrase the words of
Frederic Douglas: “You have seen how a human was made a slave. Now you shall see how
a slave was made a human”.

Target audiences

Residential services, educational providers, care-workers in young people
services, NVR practitioners, systemic family therapists, child psychotherapists and other
psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health nurses and
other practitioners in the fields of mental health and social care.
This CPD event is not designed for parents; it is not a parent group.

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