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Statement regarding the Israel & Palestine War

PartnershipProjectsUK as an organisation works tirelessly to create dialogue and means to pursue peace and connection within relationships. The events over the last weeks in which the war in Israel and Palestine have left us all with feelings of powerlessness. Our organisation stands in solidarity with our friends and colleagues, children and families in both Israel and Gaza and we mourn the losses of victims and for those who now live in fear for their lives. Our vision and mission through NVR has been a continuous pursuit of peace, to shine a light on our humanity, to reconcile with love and hope for connection. 

We leave you with an obituary article written by Michaela Fried, one of the Directors of B4HP who voiced the hopes from Dr Ahmed Tawahina who inspired the growth of NVR in Gaza through learning about the NVR/New Family Authority work of Professor Haim Omer and his colleagues at  Tel Aviv  University This blog reminds each one of us of the voices of those who dared to reach out for humanity across boundaries, and their amazing resilience whilst always working for peace.

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In particular we offer expertise in psychological interventions for overcoming the effects of trauma, aggression and anxiety in families and individuals using NVR.  More…

NVR Clinics: We work in a variety of settings, including family, individual therapy, foster family, residential service, school and community. More…

Direct individual clinical supervision: especially in NVR, trauma-focussed therapy, systemic work with multi-stressed families and working with anxiety- related issues. More…

NVR Training & Workshops for professionals only. We offer a full programme of training from Foundation Level upwards. More…


What is Non-Violent Resistance?

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is an innovative form of systemic family therapy, which has been developed for aggressive, violent, controlling and self-destructive behaviour in young people. We have been the first to use this approach in Britain, and have adapted it to families involved with Social Services, and for Looked After Children.*

High efficacy and very low drop-out rates make this a very efficient and cost-saving approach for CAMHS clinicians and professionals in Social Services or the independent sector. Working with NVR can help prevent family or placement breakdown.

* Jakob, P : Peace Dividend. Community Care, June, 32-33 / Jakob, P. (2006): Bringing non-violent resistance to Britain. Context, 84, 36-38



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