21st & 22nd June 2023


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9am for 9.30am start.

4.30pm finish.
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Explore new and innovative ways to deliver NVR Groups using the PartnershipProjects Hybrid Format: 2-day module

A PartnershipProjects International Training Course 

Entry Requirements 

Parent Groups using PartnershipProjects Group Hybrid Format

This training module which teaches the delivery of parent groups based on the hybrid format is open to any practitioner who has completed Foundation Level training with PartnershipProjects or an equivalent qualifying training to the NVR Association (NVRA) – Level 1 standard.

It is open to any practitioner who has completed Foundation Level training with PartnershipProjects or an equivalent qualifying training to the NVR Association (NVRA) Level I.

This training module invites practitioners to focus on their NVR expertise and innovation to develop their own bespoke NVR group delivery.

The 2 days will focus on how participants can develop and deliver effective group sessions which are integrated with individual family sessions bringing the format of a hybrid group.

Instead of following a standard manualised programme/script, each participant is offered resources, tools, and time to develop their own NVR Group to meet the very specific needs of their organisational outcomes.

Developing a bespoke group delivery enables the service users to experience the most ‘therapeutic’ effects of NVR. Practitioners develop ways to help coach parents in meeting the challenges they face and utilising their own resources and building their own support networks along the way.

Participants will learn to apply the principles of NVR in a group setting, use this environment to improve caregivers’ confidence and how they can gain strength from the group processes to support their competency in resisting any harmful child behaviour long after the group work has ceased.

Participants will consider how to integrate both group and individual sessions by facilitating with the caregivers: Supporter’s Meetings, School meetings, and Sibling meetings.

The group sessions will support caregivers to learn how to manage ‘setbacks’ and reduce conflict returning.

This training module will give participants a basic knowledge of group processes involved in working with NVR and familiarise them with the structure and process of delivering the Hybrid format.

By the end of the training, participants will have been supported to:

  • Design their own individual and bespoke NVR group supporting their service/authority’s outcome measures/timeframes.
  • Explore new ways of facilitating groups using the hybrid format
  • Maximise and embed practitioner knowledge of NVR
  • Achieve the best outcomes for families by adapting the group process to their own clients’ specific needs


£330 + VAT = £396

When & Where


  • 21st & 22nd June 2023 

Agency-based training

This training module is also available as agency-based training. If you are interested in booking please get In touch for full details.