Non Violent Resistance (NVR), Advanced Level Manual, NVR Certificate Course, Training Days 5 - 8: Working With Trauma

Working With Trauma: Advanced Level Manual

This manual reflects PartnershipProjects advanced level training in NVR. The principles and methods that are introduced in this training module have been specifically developed for helping parents or other caregivers who have experienced trauma, or who are looking after children who have experienced trauma. However, we have found over time that they have wide application and can be useful in working with NVR regardless of the severity of the problem, or whether or not family members have experienced serious trauma.

Cost: £25.00


Executive Summary: Non Violent Resistance – a systemic treatment for harmful, destructive and self-destructive behaviours.

Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a multi-modal systemic, family- and community-based form of intervention for serious behaviour problems in young people, for harmful and self-destructive behaviour, for self-harm, anxiety disorders and for entitled dependency of younger adults upon their parents.

Context Magazine June 2021

Context, the magazine for family therapy and systemic practice in the UK. Issue 175 (June 2021) is dedicated to International NVR: Practice and Participation.  Many of our PartnershipProjects associates contributed to its content.

To get your copy please go to the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) website.

Context Magazine April 2014

Context covers news and views on issues of concern to all professional groups working with children and families in a therapeutic environment.

In April 2014 it dedicated the issue to Non Violent Resistance. Many of our associates contributed to its content. Read it here. 

Dr. Jakob, P. (2018). Multi-stressed families, child violence and the larger system:

Dr. Jakob, P. (2018). Multi-stressed families, child violence and the larger system: an adaptation of the nonviolent model. Journal of Family Therapy 40: 25-44.

Useful Links

Haim Omer: Publications and Research
Haim Omer is the founder of  NVR (non-violent resistance), as an approach to parents, schools and communites.  He is emeritus professor at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel-Aviv University. 

BIGV – The Belgian Institute of Non-Violent Resistance: Literature List
The BIGV is open to everyone who wishes to translate and develop the concepts Non-Violent Resistance and New Authority in his daily work.

NANI – New Authority Network International: Resources
Offers resources to NVR & New Authority related literature and references. It aims to provide a wide range of articles, book reviews and links to support individuals and organizations who are looking to further their knowledge of NVR and related topics.