Booking for Evaluation and Certification

All participants of the PartnershipProjects NVR Certificate Course who have attended a minimum requirement of the course dates, will automatically receive the ‘PartnershipProjects Confirmation of Attendance’

All participants who have achieved the above AND who then wish to go on to receive the ‘PartnershipProjects Advanced Certificate in NVR Practice’  (NVRA Level II)  will need to submit the required coursework for evaluation within a 12 month period, calculated from the last day of the training.

The coursework consists of:

  • 2 x 2000 word case studies
  • A reflective log
  • Required reading

You can decide to complete the coursework at any time during the course, or within a one year period after the training has ended.

Download pdf: Guidelines for Coursework submission

Evaluation fees must be paid prior to sending in your coursework.

£250 + VAT = £300

Booking for Coursework and Certification

£250 + VAT = £300

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