The NVR Accreditation Module

NVR Accreditation Module

The NVR Accreditation Module

Train with the leading & award-winning provider of Non-Violent Resistance Training for Professionals

The highest level of NVR qualification available in the UK!

Our Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) Accreditation Module will provide you with the training to be a qualified NVR Practitioner Level III. 10-week training course, commences each September, with limited availability. 

**Special Offer – includes one years ACCREDITED membership of the Non-Violent Resistance Association (NVRA) worth £100** 

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About the Course

Successful Completion of The PartnershipProjects Accreditation Module (AM) makes NVR Practitioners eligible for Accreditation with The NVR Association (NVRA Level III); the professional body that regulates and accredits NVR practice in the UK. Individuals are then able to use the title ‘NVRA Accredited Practitioner’*. This is the highest level of NVR qualification available in the UK.

The AM will be facilitated by two Accredited Practitioners / Trainers / Supervisors who have considerable experience of applying NVR with families and in a variety of settings. The module consists of up to 10 x 3 hour evening seminars that take place weekly online (an additional 2-hour first week introduction session and a 1-hour ending session are optional) . Each cohort will be made up of no less than 7 and no more than 10 practitioners. In order to join the AM individuals should have already successfully completed the PartnershipProjects Advanced Certificate in NVR Practice (NVRA Level II) which includes the coursework component: see full information here on Evaluation & Certification:

Each participant is invited to deliver a 45-minute presentation to the group that demonstrates their competence in applying the principles of NVR within their setting.  Each participant will be allocated a separate week on which to present. We encourage participants to be creative in the way that they present their work which could include video or live interview with a client where relevant / possible. The presentation should focus on an area of application that is of special interest to the practitioner.

The participant (and client if relevant) will be interviewed by the facilitators in front of the group and there will be a reflective team discussion and an ending with whole group feedback. The whole process should take no more than 3 hours.

Before completion of the Accreditation Module each participant will be required to write a blog post, based on the central theme of their presentation that can be published on the PartnershipProjects website.

* ‘Acccredited Practitioner’ status does not include accreditation as an NVR supervisor or NVR trainer (of professionals). 

To lodge your interest in future Accreditation Modules please contact us at: 

Who should apply for the Accreditation Module:

Any practitioner who meets the entry requirements and who is interested in deepening their learning and understanding of NVR as an approach through presenting and reflecting on their work and that of their colleagues.

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£695 + VAT = £834

To include one years ACCREDITED membership of the Non Violent Resistance Association (NVRA) worth £100 


Our next Accreditation Module will run from Monday 23 September 2024

This module is held LIVE Online via Zoom 


The Accreditation Module will run for approx. 12 weeks, depending on number of participants. 

Evenings: 6pm – 9pm

Register your interest now:

Simply complete the below form with as much information as possible and we will be in touch with you in the next few days to discuss joining options. Or if you would prefer to email us directly, you can send email to

*Please note that we only allow 10 participants per course therefore there is limited availability. We will do our best to make sure you get booked on to a course, or added to a waiting list for future courses.

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    Why train with us?

    Established in 2006, we are the first UK training provider to offer a comprehensive NVR course, & still the UK’s leading provider of professional Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) training, we have the greatest experience in training professionals in the UK and abroad. We train over 900 NVR professionals every year! Our trainers hold the highest qualifications available. You can find out more about us here.


    Who should attend?

    Any practitioner who meets the entry requirements and who is interested in deepening their learning and understanding of NVR as an approach through presenting and reflecting on their work and that of their colleagues.


    The entry level requirement for the PartnershipProjects Non Violent Resistance Association (NVRA) Accreditation course is the successful completion of the PartnershipProjects Certificate in Advanced NVR Practice which includes satisfactory evaluation of coursework. (NVRA – Level II).