Online Parent Seminars


  • 9 hours of group parent seminars
  • 1.5 hours a week for 6 weeks
  • Minimum of 6 families per group
  • Maximum of 12 families per group
  • You may only book the full course of 6 sessions


£180 for ALL 6 sessions – no VAT to pay!   


Thursday evenings

To book, simply scroll down the page to the online booking form and fill in your details. 

Do you often ask yourself how an argument started with your child?  Do you reflect afterwards on what you wish you could have done differently or how you could have managed the situation better?  Do you feel you are willing to try something different? 

You may be interested in taking a short course of six online seminars to help you make sense of where your relationship is going with your child – and steer it in the direction you want it to go.

These seminars will be delivered by Ruth Eden. Ruth is an NVR UK Accredited Practitioner and Highly Specialist Family Therapist with wide-ranging experience of working with NVR.  She will hold live interactive sessions using  the video conferencing platform  Zoom*.

The sessions have been designed to support parents / caregivers who have little or no knowledge of NVR and who are experiencing challenging behaviour by a child or young person in their care.

The main three topics  we will explore are:

  • De-escalation – how to bring calm to your family, your child and yourself
  • Relationship Building – how to re-connect with your child
  • Building a Support Network – how to engage other adults

Understanding  how escalation occurs and what in NVR is called the ‘logic of control’ can be difficult when parents are caught up in  frequent “battles” with their child.  The seminars focus on how parents can  find a new position with their child and begin to create more peace, calm and compassion in the relationship.

We invite parents / caregivers to commit to ALL six sessions that will last 1.5 hours each. There will be opportunities to send questions to Ruth prior to the session and opportunities to listen to other parents’ thoughts and experiences as the weeks progress.

The ideas and practices that will be discussed on this course are drawn from Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and ‘New Authority’ principles. Please note that the seminars are not training in NVR.

We look forward to our conversations!

Note: we will only be offering this as a total package option, and it will not be possible to book just one or two sessions.

To book, simply scroll down the page to the online booking form and fill in your details. 

Online Parent Seminar Rules
  • All participants will enter the session punctually (5 mins beforehand in order to be prepared and ready) and commit to attending for the entire length of the session.
  • Strict confidentiality is to be maintained regarding any details that could identify people who are being discussed, as well as regarding other participants in the group.
  • All mobile phones must be switched off – other than if using to access the session. Landline calls must go to voicemail.
  • Seminars must be accessed in a quiet place without other members of the family present or distractions from family pets, interruptions etc.

*Zoom is simplified video-conferencing which works across any device (ie: laptop, desktop, tablet, phone), does not require downloading and is totally free for you to use. If you sign up for the Online Parent Seminars you will be sent an invitation link, which you simply click on to join the sessions.

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Cost of the seminar: £180

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