What an incredible few days together.

“What an incredible few days together – it was such a privilege listening to the inspirational presentations from everyone. It was wonderful to spend time together immersed in NVR thinking”.

Ruth Eden, Family and Systemic Psychotherapist.
Warwickshire County Council

“I never fail to be amazed with the inspiration and motivation gained on PartnershipProjects courses.

“I never fail to be amazed with the inspiration and motivation gained on PartnershipProjects courses. Thank you for sharing ideas and passion with me and for inspiring me continuously”.  

Kim Higgins
Team Manager Warwickshire County Council

I am the go to NVR worker due to this comprehensive training program

Oliver Nash
; Family Worker; Family Solutions; Essex County Council

Your training style was very engaging, and you had a lot of patience with the group.

Hi, this is Caroline from the training. Wanted to feedback that it was fantastic training, I feel inspired to change my own parenting as well as empowering other adoptive parents to develop their own NV

Caroline Stirk - Adoption Social Worker

The course was brilliant

The course was brilliant thank you – we all absolutely love it, learnt so much and have come back to work feeling all inspired! Best wishes.

Ruth Eden
Family & Systemic Psychotherapist

Anonymous, Netherlands

I wanted to thank you for the two days of training in the Netherlands.


Really enjoyed the training. Its something that will stay with me.

Hi Racheal, A huge thanks for the last 3 days-really enjoyed the training. Its something that will stay with me. I am now a follower. You were brilliant and should be proud. not only do

Chan Singh

NVR is a highly regarded practice amongst clinicians and parents.

NVR is a highly regarded practice amongst clinicians and parents as per the high number of referrals we receive and the positive feedback from parents. The highest percentage of referrals is for C&YP with a

Dr Diana Alvis Palma - Consultant Family Therapist
Birmingham CAMHS

Our relationships are stronger and violence including self violence has decreased.

We approached Peter Jakob as a consultant clinical psychologist to support our residential childcare organisation. At the time we knew nothing about Non Violent Resistance (NVR). The therapeutic approach underpinning our work with young people

Kerry Shoesmith

It’s completely changed my life and my children’s lives.

Just wanted to drop you a message to let you know how the NVR is going… It’s going exceptionally well! It’s completely changed my life and my children’s lives. I’ve been practising for almost 3

A Parent

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About Us

PartnershipProjects is an organisation providing a wide range of specialist services based on Non Violent Resistance (NVR), for child to parent violence and abuse, self-destructive behaviour, adult entrenched dependency, risk of criminal or sexual exploitation, child and parent trauma. We provide consultation to professionals, clinical supervision, training and direct client work.

PartnershipProjects was formed by Dr Peter Jakob in 2006. Dr Jakob pioneered the introduction of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) in the UK. Since then, the organisation has grown and developed (just as NVR has) and is now led by three directors: Rachael Aylmer, Jackie Lindeck and Gabrielle Stirling, whilst Peter Jakob still plays a vital role in the organisation as Clinical Director.

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NVR is an innovative approach to harmful and destructive behaviours including Child to Parent Violence & Abuse. PartnershipProjects was the first training provider in Britain to utilise this form of systemic family therapy, which takes the principles of NVR that are rooted in the Socio-Political Movements of leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King and applies them to work with families, with schools and with communities. The old authority based on rewards & punishments, is replaced with a New Authority where adults are coached to raise their presence, to rebuild relationships and to resist harmful behaviour. Caring communities are built around young people and their families in order to support them to take non violent action.  We aim to provide professionals with the necessary training, to help them support the families that rely on them most. We do that in two ways:

  • Agency Based Training: This is for organisations such as Local Authorities, CAMHS services and Adoption Agencies. It is ideal for creating a team learning experience, and for organisations that have a number of people to upskill. Our ABT training can be provided either online or in-person.


  • PartnershipProjects International Training: Via our ever growing and very popular international training program. We hold various NVR training courses throughout the year both online and in-Person, where professionals from around the UK and further afield can book to take part.

In addition to our training services, we are pleased to offer NVR interventions for families through our network of highly experienced Accredited NVR Practitioners. These are available both online and in-person, to families, to help them move through and beyond the challenging experiences that are damaging their parent-child relationships.

Training Professionals

As the first UK training provider to offer a comprehensive NVR course, PartnershipProjects has unmatched experience in training professionals both at home and abroad.

We offer training and workshops in NVR to help professionals progress, from foundation level through to advanced skills and beyond. Our ongoing professional development gives practitioners the valuable tools and insights needed to support their most at-risk families.

Reconciling Family Relationships through Collaboration, not “Treatment”

We are not “treating” your child…  We are working in partnership with you, using a very specific and proven methodology.

Regardless of their age, the goal of NVR is to help you resist the problematic and often self-destructive behaviour of your child. From a position of strength, you can begin showing your care and concern for your child, address their unmet psychological needs, improve both well-being and mental health to build a more positive future.