What an incredible few days together.

“What an incredible few days together – it was such a privilege listening
to the inspirational presentations from everyone. It was wonderful to spend
time together immersed in NVR thinking”.

Ruth Eden, Family and Systemic Psychotherapist.
Warwickshire County Council

“I never fail to be amazed with the inspiration and motivation gained on PartnershipProjects courses.

“I never fail to be amazed with the inspiration and motivation gained on
PartnershipProjects courses. Thank you for sharing ideas and passion with me
and for inspiring me continuously”.  

Kim Higgins
Team Manager Warwickshire County Council

I am the go to NVR worker due to this comprehensive training program

I am the go to NVR worker due to
this comprehensive training program. It has furthered my desire to use NVR
within my everyday practise.

Oliver Nash
; Family Worker; Family Solutions; Essex County Council

Sharon Knights

I have come back to work incredibly inspired and thoughtful about how to embrace this approach into my work place.

Sharon Knights
Inclusion Lead, Ocklenge School

Dr Diana Alvis Palma

NVR training’s have been crucial stepping stones towards the implementation of NVR in Birmingham CAMHS.

Dr Diana Alvis Palma
Consultant Family Therapist Birmingham CAMHS

Anonymous, Netherlands

I wanted to thank you for the two days of training in the Netherlands.


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Information on NVR

What is NVR? The video

Dear friends, a short video presentation of NVR (non-violent resistance), parental presence, vigilant care and the new authority is now available on video. I invite you all to watch, and if you like it, spread it to your colleagues, friends, parents and teachers.

Thanks a lot, Haim

NVR flyer

What is NVR? Flyer

Increasingly, professionals in child mental health found that traditional therapies were ineffective for dealing with serious behaviour problems in children and young people, such as aggression and violence, running away, truanting, stealing, drug-taking, criminal involvement and putting themselves at serious risk in dangerous environments outside the family home.

NVR flyer

The NVR Certificate Course Leaflet

NVR flyer

The NVR Clinic Leaflet

Context Magazine April 2014

Supervision for Non-Violent Resistance: Raising Practitioner Presence.

– Luke Cousins

It is widely agreed that effective supervision is integral to the effectual delivery of any form of psychological or therapeutic intervention. The field of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is no exception. This article explores what is meant by ‘effective’ supervision for NVR and how this might be achieved.

Context Magazine April 2014

Context Magazine April 2014

Context, the magazine for family therapy and systemic practice, covers news and views on issues of concern to all professional groups working with children and families in a therapeutic environment.

In April 2014 it dedicated the issue to Non Violent Resistance. Many of our associates contributed to its content.

Executive Summary: Non Violent Resistance – a systemic treatment for harmful, destructive and self-destructive behaviours.

Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a multi-modal systemic, family- and community-based form of intervention for serious behaviour problems in young people, for harmful and self-destructive behaviour, for self-harm, anxiety disorders and for entitled dependency of younger adults upon their parents.



Dr. Jakob, P. (2018). Multi-stressed families, child violence and the larger system: an adaptation of the nonviolent model. Journal of Family Therapy 40: 25-44.

You can find the file here.

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