Dan Dulberger

Dan Dulberger

Psychologist and Family & Marital Therapist 

Dan specializes in NVR-oriented systemic interventions. He is internationally recognized as an expert in the Non Violent Resistance approach, as well as in NVR interventions with families of socially withdrawn adolescents and post-adolescents who fail to emerge into adulthood.

His professional activities include clinical work with families in crises, consulting to mental health organisations, training, teaching and speaking, in Canada, Europe and Israel. He currently serves as staff member, clinical supervisor and therapist at the Calgary Center for Family Therapy, and as director of the Center for Non Violent Resistance Psychology, an international private NVR counselling group for families and organisations, originally co-founded with Professor Haim Omer,
the originator of the NVR approach.

He has developed and published, together with Professor Omer and the center team, an NVR-based intervention model for Adult Entitled Dependence (AED). He is founder of an international forum of NVR practitioners and a team member of the School of Non Violent Resistance.

Dan holds an M.A. degree in Social Psychology from the Tel-Aviv University, is a graduate of SHINUI (the Israeli Institute for Systemic Studies, Family and Personal Change), and was personally trained by Haim Omer in the NVR approach. Dan is certified by the American, Israeli and Canadian Associations for Marital and Family Therapy, is an Israel-registered psychologist, and a member of the Association of Counseling Therapy of Alberta.