Gus Bruce

Trained in Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

Sarah Ryan

Registered Social Worker

Key NVR Trainer & Practitioner

NVR Association (NVRA) Accredited Practitioner

Sarah is a registered social worker and has worked for the last 16 years with multi challenged adoptive families. Sarah recognises the impact of children’s need for control and coercion on family functioning, She has worked individually with adoptive families using NVR principles and has also delivered numerous NVR parent coaching programs for adoptive parents.

Previously as a manager of an adoption agency Sarah developed a whole agency ‘NVR informed’ approach to working with families, at the same time as growing a tight knit and sustainable NVR team.

Sarah is passionate about NVR and relishes her role within PartnershipProjects as it gives her the opportunity to work with other professionals through her NVR training responsibilities, and at the same time assist families via her one to one client work.