Haim Omer Introductory NVR Masterclass: Series 1


Tuesday 8th March 2022 
and runs for 14 weeks in total until June 21st

Note: no sessions on April 5th or 12th due to Easter Holidays

7pm start every Tuesday evening*.
Each lecture is approx 60-90 minutes plus Q&A

*Recordings can be provided for any lectures that are missed


All 14 weeks for:
£260 + VAT = £312

In partnership with Haim Omer:


Haim Omer Introductory NVR Masterclass: Series 1

For professionals who are learning about NVR

NVR, New Authority and the Anchoring Function of Attachment for families, in which children show impulsive, violent or self destructive behaviour.

We are delighted to present a unique 10 week NVR video Masterclass Series by Haim Omer, followed by a further 4 weeks dedicated to your Q&A.

Haim Omer presents all the basic concepts, tools, and language of NVR in his first systematic course on the approach.

Learn from Haim Omer as he speaks about how he creates a positive alliance with parents and motivates them to develop presence, self-control and emotional self-regulation. This online course comprises ten lectures* (60 to 90 minutes) which will be facilitated & supported by one of our accredited NVR Practitioners. Each week will cover a different topic, and at the end of each video lecture there will be chance to discuss the content of the course with our practitioner.

Following the series of video lectures there will be an additional four sessions in which Omer answers your frequently asked questions about NVR.

*Recordings can be provided for any lectures that are missed

Who is this for?

Whilst this course is aimed at professionals, it is NOT a substitue for professional training. It is however a useful precursor to our NVR Certificate Training, or perhaps a handy refresher for someone who has already done our Foundation Level training.

The course is made available via pre-recorded video only. Answers will be recorded by Haim personally, to answer specific questions you have raised during the 10 week course.

The course includes innumerable tips and examples which will improve your ability to help parents and other care givers.

The following are the titles of the ten Non Violent Resistance (NVR) lectures:

  1. How the approach developed: from NVR to the anchoring function of attachment 
  2. Parental self-control and emotional self-regulation and the prevention of escalation
  3. The alliance with the parents
  4. Self-control and the prevention of escalation
  5. How to help parents build and utilise a support network
  6. Presence and vigilant care
  7. Tools I: How to set loving limits (e.g. announcement, sit-In, and various measures of resistance)
  8. Tools II: Telephone round, parental visits, reparation
  9. Resisting violence systematically
  10. Prevention of computer and smart phone misuse 

Following this there will be four further weeks, which will be Haim personally answering questions you have put to him. Again these will be pre-recorded.

*Recordings can be provided for any lectures that are missed

So, this amounts to over 14 hours of NVR information, advice and support from the originator of NVR himself. Find out more about Haim below…

About Haim Omer

Haim Omer is the founder of NVR (Non Violent Resistance), as an approach for parents, schools and communites. He is emeritus professor at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel-Aviv University. His parents survived the Holocaust and emigrated to Brazil, where Haim was born in 1949. He has lived in Israel since 1967.

He is the author of eleven books (translated into 12 languages) and over eighty academic articles. His best known books are:

  • Omer, H. (2021). Non-violent resistance: A new approach to violent and self-destructive children. 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press.
  • The new authority: Family, school and community (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
  • Parental vigilant care: A guide for clinicians and caretakers (Routledge, 2017)
  • The psychology of demonization (with Nahi Alon, Lawrence Erlbaum 2006 – the book was graced with a preface by the Dalai Lama)
  • Treating child and adolescent anxiety: A guide for caregivers (with Eli Lebowitz, Wiley, 2013).

See Omer’s full range of books available via Amazon.co.uk

He has developed the model of Non Violent Resistance and The New Authority in its application to families, schools and communities. The model aims at strengthening parents and teachers by strictly non-violent and non-escalating means. He has published many studies on the method and its application with e.g. parents of children showing externalising behaviours, criminal and anti-social behaviour, severe anxiety, young drivers, violence against siblings, prevention of computer and smart phone misuse, child-to-parent violence, and school refusal.

There have been six international conferences devoted to the method (Greenwich, Antwerp, Munich, Malmo, Tel-Aviv and Linz, Austria).

Haim is married and has five children. He dedicated one of his books to “my five children, who taught me all I know about parental helplessness”.

Find out more about Haim Omer on his website.