Solution-focused NVR Parent Groups – a workshop for group facilitators

Dates & Cost:

1st – 3rd  April 2020

£397.50 + VAT = £477


Elm Grove Conference Centre
Roehampton Lane
SW15 5PH
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9am for 9.30am start
4.30pm finish.
1 hour lunch break


Sven Bussens



Solution-focused NVR Parent Groups – a workshop for group facilitators

This course offers practical, situation-based training for professionals. It will allow you to organise solution building group meetings for parents and their supporters within your own field of expertise. Based on the principles Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and New Authority (NA), this kind of preventative group work with families utilises solution-focused processes that aim to make a difference – by creating ‘Awareness’, ‘Choice’ and ‘Trust’.

The workshop will enable participants to adopt positions, assumptions and concrete techniques which can facilitate a constructive and positive solution-focused group culture that promotes the NVR-process.

The parent groups address three ‘tiers’ of parents:

  1. Parents without specific problems, who have a general interest in developing New Authority in their parenting.
  2. Parents who on a daily basis are experiencing an increase in uncertainty and tension when it comes to parenting.
  3. Parents who feel the tension around their parenting has been escalating.

We do not focus primarily on the parents experiencing a crisis in parenting. If you’re interested in: making psycho-educational components in NVR accessible to parents, resistance as a useful ally, helping parents to help themselves, establishing a safe emotional group atmosphere and amplifying useful change, this might be the right workshop for you. ‘Parents testify that the meetings leave them feeling empowered in the actions they are already undertaking and that they see more possibilities to set boundaries and connect with their teens at the same time’.

About the presenter

Sven Bussens is a social worker and psychotherapist who uses solution focused therapy, systemic therapy and CBT.

He is Lead Trainer, Director and co-founder of the Solution Focused Centre Belgium and Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work at University College Ghent (Belgium).

Sven has been working with parent groups for 12 years and has over 20 years of clinical experience with children and young people who have behavioural problems, as well as their parents and different people involved with the family. His book Vigilant Care for Teenagers is a comprehensive handbook for sessions with parents and other responsible caretakers.

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