Dear Peter,

I wanted to thank you for the training in the Netherlands. It helped me a lot, because for awhile I was doubting myself in my work with families and parents.

I work in a new organisation where I started in the summer of last year. And for a large part I had to start all over in ‘explaining’ what NVR stands for and how I use it in my work. This, sometimes is quite a difficult journey, I meet people who look at different ways to the problems of children and their partners, not always in a bad way, but different to how I look at it.

NVR and your training helped me to find the words again to start a dialog and show another side of the story. A story of strength, standing your ground and seeing the possibilities in a person, whether its the child or the parent. In your training I had moments where I thought “ok, I’m on the right track, just keep on going”. So thank you for that.

Anonymous, Netherlands.