The NVR training’s (2013 and 2015) have been crucial stepping stones towards the implementation of NVR in Birmingham CAMHS. The training addressed with rigour core NVR concepts and engaged the audience in a dynamic and participative learning context by using role plays, storytelling, case discussions, modelling and reflection. Participants were frequently invited to make connections between the NVR principles and their own professional experiences and organisational contexts with plenty of opportunities to practice the NVR techniques.

The workshop days were rigorous, refreshing and enjoyable; furthermore, they invited reflection about and challenge of more traditional ways of engaging with parents and networks, all well supported by evidence for the effectiveness of NVR in clinical practice. The workshops about trauma focused and child focused NVR offered rich therapeutic tools for working with multi-stressed families, essential for CAMHS workers. Following the first training a supervision structure was created that is successfully supporting the delivering of NVR in the service.

Dr Diana Alvis Palma
Consultant Family Therapist, Birmingham CAMHS


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