PartnershipProjects Advanced Level Manual


This Manual is designed to support and to enhance the PartnershipProjects Advanced Level training in NVR.

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Written by Dr. Peter Jakob, this manual reflects PartnershipProjects Advanced Level Training in NVR. The principles and methods that are introduced in this training module have been specifically developed for helping parents or other caregivers who have experienced trauma, or who are looking after children who have experienced trauma. However, we have found over time that they have wide application and can be useful in working with NVR regardless of the severity of the problem, or whether or not family members have experienced serious trauma. Olthof stresses how necessary it is to tailor any intervention to the specific client – their needs, their ways of seeing themselves, the world they subjectively inhabit. Please use this manual accordingly; NVR is not a manualised approach in the narrow sense of the word – instead, we would be very pleased if you saw the content of this manual as an accumulation of possibilities that can help you help your client.

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The Manual is size A4 & 80 pages long.
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